Spacious and secure garages with a capacity of over 650 parking lots

At the Centar 2000 business complex, there are two parking garages available to tenants. One underground and one overground garage have a total capacity of over 650 parking lots.

Garages are used both as public and private parking. Parking lots can be leased on a monthly basis with the use of RF parking cards or by the hour with the use of bar code tickets. Parking by the hour can be paid at the building reception.

Both garages are equipped with a modern LPR parking system, which recognizes and memorizes license plates and automatically raises the ramps when entering or exiting the garage.

Spacious and secure garage space is equipped with the first-class ventilation systems, lighting, sprinklers, traffic signals, sufficient number of elevators and video surveillance of the entire area.

The overground garage is a detached building located next to the Office Building A, and consists of one underground floor and 8 overground floors connected with a staircase and two elevators.

The underground garage on 3 levels is located under the Office Buildings D4 and D3. Garage is connected with the Building D4 via 3 elevators and a staircase, and with the Building D3 via 4 elevators and a staircase.


Centar 2000 supports the global trends in e-mobility, and therefore we have a charging station for electric vehicles available at the -1 level of the underground garage. Two vehicles can be charged simultaneously.


There are two bicycle parking areas at the Centar 2000 for over 150 bicycles (u-rack type). One is located between Centar 2000 buildings and the other at the ground floor of the overground garage.





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