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All Centar 2000 buildings were built in accordance with the highest construction standards and allow maximum use of space.

Building A is the first building of the Centar 2000, finished in mid-2016.

Total gross area of the building is approximately 10,000 m2, including basement, ground floor and 8 additional floors. The average surface area of floors is approximately 900 m2. The building is oriented north-south.

Each floor of the office building consists of office space, staircases, elevators, utility rooms and separate toilets for women and men. There is also a shared kitchenette on each floor.

Flexible layout and safety for perfectly functional work environment

Highly equipped office spaces with computer floors and suspended ceilings can be flexibly arranged and divided either by plasterboard panels or glass walls, all in line with tenants' needs, and thus creating a perfectly functional working environment in a form of separate, combined or open space offices.

Offices are air conditioned via four-cylinder fan coil installed in the suspended ceiling. In addition, continues flow of fresh air is supplied via the air conditioning chamber and ventilation distribution channels as well as through operational windows.

The heating medium is hot water supplied by the HEP Toplinarstvo distribution network.

All heating, cooling and ventilation systems are automated and connected to the central control system through which the entire building is operated. However, tenants can regulate heating and cooling of each space separately.

There is a server room on each floor with its own special air-conditioning unit.

The building holds a class B energy certificate


Fire protection at the Building A is provided via smoke detectors, hydrants and MGP-9 dry powder extinguishers.

Backup power supply is provided via the collective diesel generator with the capacity of 500 kWh (optional).

Each floor is a separate unit with water, electricity and heating meters installed on each floor. The utility expenses can therefore be calculated according to the actual consumption.

All buildings are under the 24-hour video surveillance with a security guard present at all times at the reception located in the lobby.

Current tenants in the Building A

In the class A offices of the Building A, we have various reputable tenants such as Ferrero, Transcom WorldWide, Rail Cargo, Barilla, Takko Fashion, Atellior, Enna Fruit, Studio 45, Vitapur, Di Wagner, Orsus Grupa, Metrion, PL Grupa, Smartflex, Centar faktor and numerous others, and as a result various business activities are represented at the centre – representation and branch offices of international and domestic companies, marketing agencies, state agencies, architecture studios, etc.

Installed equipment:

  • floors are connected via staircase and elevators adapted to people with impaired mobility
  • spacious toilet rooms on each floor
  • toilet for disabled persons on the ground floor
  • electrical/server room on each floor
  • shared kitchenette on each floor
  • electricity, water and heat meters on each floor
  • operational windows
  • air conditioning, ventilation and heating, with regulation units for each separate space on the floor
  • phone, internet and DTK connections, and FT and RTV installations
  • all installations are placed in the suspended ceilings and computer floors
  • computer floors enable flexible placement of tables and cable connections through the floor without restrictions
  • backup power supply provided via the communal generator
  • 24-hour video surveillance: technical protection and security guards
  • fire protection (smoke detectors and hydrant system, MGP-9 dry powder extinguishers)
  • stage of completion of office premises as per agreement
  • floor layout flexibility – flexibility to change room arrangement

Ground plan




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